Go, get it! About us

Sometimes I can’t even remember how it all started. As a teenager, a friend of mine introduced me to the world of dog shows. That was when I decided:

I want a dog!

I went through books, websites and movies, and in a short period of time I met the Siberian husky. Its charming plush-puppy-like appearance and active personality completely captivated me. There was no doubt: I want nothing else but a husky. Of course, life is not always like a fairy tale. Another 2 and a half years had to go by until the first dog of our family arrived in October 2014:

Bellahusk Send Me a Sign "Wayne"

Although, I attended dog shows as a junior handler before I got Wayne, this all craziness over dogs started with him which is now part of my everyday life. We learnt numerous things together and achieved better and better results on dog shows. As I got into this hobby more and more, it became clear to me that however beautiful they are, huskies can’t be just part of the decoration, they need to be handled. Finally, we started sled dog racing. Although, Wayne has done his best for me, I felt that something was missing. One husky is not a husky, he needs a companion. That’s how later, in December 2017

Bellahusk's I'm Invincible "Manga"

arrived to us, who – if not in every aspects but in her characteristics – proved the saying “nomen est omen” to be true. She became a really headstrong bitch with a unique character who is unstoppable and whose will cannot be overcame that easily. Nevertheless, I am so grateful I met her because in this way I am lucky to live with two totally different individuals of the breed who despite of their differences, constitute a perfect kennel. A perfect yin and yang. Wayne is a true prim showman, while Manga is unstoppable and has sporting blood.

The idea of breeding dogs were present from the beginning. Finally, we created our kennel on the summer of 2019 and it was recorded as


in the database of the international organization, the FCI. As symbolism is extremely important to me, we chose this name very carefully. I wanted something that connects us to the North, so I searched in dictionaries of Northern names on the Internet for hours, when I finally found it in an Inuktitut dictionary. It’s meaning is “Go, get it!”. It’s short, easily pronounceable and easy to remember. Moreover, I identify myself with it because in every areas of my life, I try to do everything in that way. First, I dream it, then I do my best to get it.

My aim is to breed dogs that are close to the standard but at the same time healthy and stand their ground in sled dog racing.